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Marines, good morning. I wanted to let all of you know that now the Buckeye Newsletter will be on the State’s home page for downloading and or review. I know this may have affected several of your Detachment Marines. The ability for an individual, in each of your detachments, to download the document and post it is very easy and simple to do. There has been a lot of discussion as to the Pro and Cons to doing this, believe me when I say it. However, as I sat here at my desk today getting ready to put it together for the Winter it dawned on me that this document now can grow and include input from all Detachments within the great state of Ohio. Not only events and or articles but pictures as well. It can truly become a tool for the us all to use in retention and recruiting.

I am still awaiting on a few more articles from the staff and you know who you are. I will be posting the newsletter prior to Christmas. With that said I want to wish all of you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

Semper Fi
Paul E Smith,

Lint to Buckeye Marines

2015 Midwinter Conference

12–14 February 2015
Fairview Park Marriott
Reservations: 1 (800) 228-9290
Ask for: Marine Corps League Winter Conference 2015 room block
Or WEB Page
Group Code: MCRMCRA

2016 National Conference

8–15 August 2015
Scottsdale, Arizona

2016 Midwinter Conference

3–5 March 2016

News & Notes
What Author Date Posted Link (Size)
2015 National Convention Ad Order Form   15 Oct 2014 pdf (110 kB)
Ohio Veterans Bonuses (time running out) PDC Ray Dailey
ANVC Central Div
1 Sept 2014 pdf (39 kB)
2015 Midwinter Conference Michael A. Blum
Executive Director MCL
19 June 2014 pdf (68 kB)
2016 Midwinter Conference Michael A. Blum
Executive Director MCL
19 June 2014 pdf (67 kB)
Found: Marine Ring (service at Iwo Jima-1945)
Please help to return it
Det Sgt R. Reikowski #209
Avon Lake Police
4 June 2014 pdf (19 kB)
New USMC Sign Ray Dailey
Department of Ohio
14 May 2014 pdf (406 kB)
National Junior Vice Commandant Michael D, Clark
NVC SE Division
8 May 2014 pdf (273 kB)
Response to American Legion Re: Secretary Shinseki Michael A. Blum
Executive Director MCL
7 May 2014 pdf (89 kB)
NASDVA President’s Letter of Support W. Clyde Marsh
President NASDVA
7 May 2014 pdf (687 kB)
Calling All Marines Don Kerns
Senior Vice Commandant
Montezuma-Cincinnati #270
7 May 2014 pdf (80 kB)
Marine Women in Combat Roles Michael A. Blum
Executive Director MCL
7 May 2014 pdf (22 kB)


General Information
What Date Posted Information & Contact
MCL Political Policy 2012 April 2012 pdf (1.4 MB)
NO CHANGE in Military Funeral Protocol [Cover Letter; Information] March 2012 pdf (99 kB); pdf (2.5 MB)
Final Regulation to Aid Korean War Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange   pdf (147 kB)
Marine Corps League Youth Application Form, Department of Ohio   pdf (188 kB)


Casualties many. Percent dead not known. Combat efficiency – we are winning.”
Colonel David Shoup, assault commander,
Betio, Tarawa Atoll, Gilbert Islands,
by radio, 1706, 21 November 1943